There is no point in repeating the tropes that have been recycled over the last 18 months. Proposing to ban an entire religion from entering the country, mocking the disabled, bragging about sexual assault, inciting violence against protesters, threatening to jail political opponents and journalists...


Eight years later, the most iconic image of the 2008 American presidential elections seems to be nothing more than a cruel joke.  

This election cycle has been littered with scandals, conspiracies, and enough insults to make Mike Ward sick. Hope? In these elections? Sounds like nothing...


While less than 40 % of Canadians voted for him and his party, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party managed to obtain a majority of parliamentary seats, and essentially 100 % of the power. If that seems undemocratic, it’s because it is. To win a riding, a candidate need not obtain the majority (50 %...

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